Can you suggest healthy diet and snack for children?

A nutritious, balance diet is important for proper tooth development, adequate salivation, and healthy gum tissue.

In general, foods with high sugar or starch are not healthy for teeth. While giving up these types of food is not realistic, and many of them provide nutrients your child needs, you can select and serve them wisely. Research has found that frequent or prolonged intake of sugary foods or starch is most harmful to the teeth, even foods like crackers, pretzels and potato chips. Developing healthy eating habits can reduce cavity risk. Try to limit the number of snack times, eat sugary foods with a meal, not as a snack, and avoid foods that are sticky or not easily washed away from the teeth by saliva.

Healthy snacks: fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese, nuts, sugarless gum

Harmful snack: hard candies, fruit roll-ups, gummy bears, toffee, cookies.