Inna Lyutkevitch, RDH

Registered Dental Hygienist

Inna Lyutkevitch has been in dentistry for almost 20 years. She loves a great smile, has compassion, good interpersonal skills, and is very detail-oriented. She has a great eye for perfect symmetry and perfect proportion. Her patients will feel safe and well taken care of in her hands. She believes in a bright and successful future for all her patients.

In addition to her dental training, Inna has a degree in liberal arts. She is married with two sons and a step-daughter who is also a Hygienist. In her spare time, she volunteers in daycare centers for the elderly, helping them care for their dentures and teaching them about oral health for seniors. She also loves to cook and have friends and family over for dinner.

Kimberly Butler, RDH

Registered Dental Hygienist

I have a degree in both Science and Dental Hygiene through Mount Wachusett Community College. Being a pediatric dental hygienist has always been a childhood dream. I particularly like working for Concord Children’s Dental Associates because of the various different circumstances and need for each patient. Whether it be a patient who has or needs orthodontics, an anxious child to help encouraged through their appointment or a special needs child, I’m always prepared to meet whatever the need is of the patient. I am a lifelong learner and am always looking to see how I can grow in any aspect of life. Outside of work, I like to use my energy doing CrossFit, hiking, running, and biking.

Kip Paillard

Office Coordinator & Senior Certified Dental Assistant

I’m a mother of 3 beautiful kids who keep me very busy with all the sports they are involved in. When not working I enjoy camping, fishing and any activity that allows me to enjoy nature.

When I’m not enjoying the outdoors I have the greatest job ever, and that is to create charming smiles for all ages! It is such a privilege to be part of such a big event in a patients’ life! The relationships I’ve created with each patient and their families has always been a journey filled with laughs.

I look forward to many more beautiful smiles!

Queenie Jiang

Certified Dental Assistant and Billing Coordinator

I have the privilege of working with a great team for over 8 years as Certified Dental Assistant and Billing Coordinator. I absolutely adore working with kids; they bring a lot of joy to my heart! The most rewarding part of my job is seeing parents and children leave happy and confident with their dental experience.

I am married with two amazing children, Wendy and Joshua. When I’m not working I enjoy cooking, reading, volunteering at my church, and most of all spending time with my family!

I look forward to bringing healthy, happy smiles to all our patient!!

Kayla Sanchez

Receptionist and Dental Assistant

I am a receptionist for Concord Children’s Dental Associates. I have been in the dental field for 2 years, I graduated from Brookwood Dental Assisting Program in Brookwood, Alabama in March of 2015.

I’m passionate about taking part in helping our patients have the best experience possible, I always love watching each and every one leave with a smile. 

I particularly love working at CCDA, because I love children and helping them have a great dental experience and leave with a positive attitude and absolutely no fear to return. We have the best patients around! Dr. Chien is one of the best doctors and always so patient.

In my spare time, I love being outside with my daughter and my husband. My daughter is 2 years old and very energetic; there is never a dull moment with her around. I love swimming, running, and twirling my batons.