Tips For Your Kids First Visit to the Dentist

Tips For Your Kids First Visit to the DentistUnfortunately, many children are scared of going to see the dentist. Your child is growing, and perhaps the last thing that they want right now is someone unfamiliar looking in their mouth. However, it is crucial that they see the dentist because it is a habit they will be continuing with for the rest of their life.

Here are some tips that will help with easing your child into this routine.

When they are young, it is important for your child to see the dentist as early as six months of age. By doing so, your child gets to know the dentist, and the dentist gets to know your child. Seeing the dentist will also ease your child’s nerves for future visits, and it will allow your child to see that there is nothing to fear.

Before your appointment, you can create pretend dentist sessions at home. You can play the dentist and look into your child’s mouth. By doing this, they might just view seeing the dentist as a game, and the situation won’t be so scary.

When the day comes that you and your child visit the dentist, it is important that your child has recently eaten. A small meal works perfectly so that way the child is comfortable for the duration of the visit. If you have waited until your child is a little older to visit the dentist, try and make sure they have used the restroom recently as you want them to be perfectly content sitting for a short while.

Another important aspect of your child’s first visit to the dentist is your overall emotional state. If the dentist gives you anxiety, you are going to want to control that as much as you possibly can before arriving. Kids can pick up on your feelings, and the last thing you want is to transfer your anxiety to them.

The last tip we have comes upon arrival at your dentist. Try and remain calm even if your child begins to act out. If they seem afraid of the situation, try to find out what is making them uncomfortable. We will be with you every step of the way, but it is important to let the day continue even if there are moments that take time.

Our team is excellent with children, and they understand how to converse with them using their vocabulary. It is important not to scare your child away from the dentist before they even arrive. If you talk about the visit with your child, try to keep the conversation as basic as possible and upbeat too. If you have any questions regarding your child’s first dental visit, contact Concord Children’s Dental Associates today!